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Saturday, August 08, 2009

MIA for the past month.

been rather busy with my schoolwork and my darling.

been to lotsa places such as our usual hangout and we went country club for dance and etc.

tata. will update more

missing darling. wanna say how much i love you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tears running down my cheeks saying how much i missed you.
How much fun we had together.
How happy we are together just by eating meal together
How happy just by going out together.

You are having reservist till 19 June 2009.
another 2day and we could meet again.

But.. i missed your laughter and your voice.

Listening to Corrine May's song has made my tears roll down on my cheeks.

Baby!! where are you??

Friday, May 29, 2009

simply because i wore high heel...
first time wearing the shoe...
now i had so much blister on my leg... HATE IT!

I can bardly walk now..

Later had briefing with the girls and going for the FHM finals held at Zicra later =(
wonder how to go there with my leg like this?


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

was having lunch at Vivo City just now.
went to Daiso to buy lots of things.
wanted to take bus back to my office.
I gt blurred and once i saw a bus come out i flagged for the bus.
and suddenly the bus turn and i gt panic!
i quickly pressed the bell and i got off the bus and had to walk out all the way to the main road and it's very scary but luckily its not night time.
Finally i reached the main road. I felt delighted.
Gosh! this is the first time I'm blurred enough to take the wrong bus.

Back in Office =D

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

yesterday had Financial Accounting test..
we were saying if we wanna skip lesson after the test?
suddenly just after we had done the test,
the lecturer said: you all may go!

we were like WTF!!?? when is she so good to us??
only today? MAYBE loh!~

we don't like her also not our fault wad..
she own self cause the trouble.

i ask you all lahs..
You all pay school fees is u teach lecturer or we should be the one who get taught by them?

Obviously the answer is they teach us lahs... bloody hell made all of us don't feel like attending her lesson!!

i still could recall wad she say!

Unit 1 lesson:

eh.. you all should tell mi wad is the answer for this and i WILL NOT give any answers to the tutorial question. This is what you learn last year during this timing... always say PACC1!!!

damn damn damn... how i wish we could protest to change a lecturer..
we come class listen to her lecture also don't understand a single word or a topic from her.

during last week class, we wanna ask her to go through on the pass year paper.
she say i WILL NOT let you all know the answer.

Den one of my classmate started to ask her, " How to we do this question?"
she den answer, "This you will have to figure it out yourself."


Readers please comment on my blog about this..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Before going to Butter factory!

Met up with Jocelyn darling .

Didn't put make up while going out with her.

below which i had finish putting my make up although u could not really see it in the pic.

look at the number of drink our grp have..
can't really recall how many ppl we have with us!

Janelle, Janice, me and Joce!

Blur image!
me and Gillian

Audrey and me!
Janice and Gillian
Audrey , me, Janice and Gillian babe (:
Where is Janice?

Here she is !

Simply love Butter Factory simply because it ROCKS!
anyone wanna go club again??
would be updating outdated pictures soon!
alright back to do my revision!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Thanks Nuffnang and advertiser for the Ads!

Readers you know what to do right?
simply click on either the HTC or Uniquely Singapore ads.

kinda busy nowadays
will be back to update the blog
so stay tuned (: